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May 24, 2012   //   by admin   //   Education/Job/Scholarship  //  No Comments

The internet giant google, recently introduce google andriod, Android is a mobile operating system or OS, which is basically the software that runs on a number of mobile devices — generally smartphones and tablets. The Android operating system is developed by Google and a collaboration of companies called the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).

Here is a brief explaination of what google andriod is all about;

Android is an open sourced software platform, multiple manufacturers produce Android phones, including the likes of HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG, just to name a few. it can simply be said to be any smartphone than runs the andriod software platform, Andriod phones is unlike apple which design and builds it software of iphone and the blackberry manufacturer (reasearch in motion).
Andriod phones has various sizes which always come with touch screen which most are 3 inches in size, many andriod phones include features like Wi-Fi, for the ability to connect to a wireless network, Bluetooth, GPS, a standard headphone jack and a standard micro-USB port for charging and connecting the phone to a computer. Some of the popular andriod phones include the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC One X. Android phones are sold in Australia through all major mobile operators including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Features of Andriod phones

As andriod phones is own by google.com, ,many of the andriod phones, andriod tablet comes with a range of Google services including Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Latitude and YouTube.  it also comes with browser which enables you to surf the internet on phone using the andriod phones and data, but for you to access the feature you will need to create google account. An Android phone automatically synchronises your Google calendar, mail and contacts databases over-the-air. If you add a new contact or calendar event on your PC, it will automatically appear on your phone and vice versa. If you dont have a google account you can create one with andriod phone, in case you lose or misplaced your phone, all your data will automatically be store on your google account, so that once you sign into your ggogle account you will see your contacts and data waiting for you.

Andriod phone platform was built on mobile app, these apps are downloadable through what is called google play store normally known as andriod market that always comes with every andriod phone, both paid and free apps are available.

My next update will be on some andriod application, andriod software, andriod apps, andriod games, andriod os, sdk and other andriod application free downloads that will enhance your andriod experience.

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