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This tips am about to give you is the easiest means of making money online, this is not survey nor any crap you see online promising you on how to make millions of thousands of money online in two days, what am about to show you is the system that requires only setting up and then relax and see your bank account blow….

Before i procceed i want to ask you some questions….
—–Do you want to make money online?
—–Do you want to be your own boss?
—–Would you like to gain gain financial freedom from this current economic hardship?

If YES then congratulation because this article is for you..All you need to do is to for you to follow the make money online step by step guide am about to teach you now..

Here are the
steps to this great and powerful system

  • Writing down your goals.
  • Choose a market/niche
  •  Create a short report/eBook to satisfy that market/niche
  • Set a launch date for your product and make it public.
  • Take action everyday
  •  Packaging 
  • A strong and reliable promotion campaign for your product

With this steps in place…..you are good to make money online, i will give a short explanations of the steps

 Writing down your goal
Not your goals for the information product, but your goals for life and business. Creating an information product should be just one piece of a bigger picture. By crystallizing your goals in writing, you‟ll know how your product contributes to the big picture. When writing, make your goals as specific as possible. Also, list
any challenges that you‟ll need to overcome, as well as the benefits of achieving your goals. Once you have a clear idea of the benefits, visualize them often, as if you.ve already reached them. This will condition your mind to accept them as attainable and help block the self sabotage mechanisms that sometimes hold us back.

Choose a market/niche
In this world, there are many problem, which need solution..So all you have to do is search out the problem and find the possible solution to it. This you can do in many ways. One of such ways is using the power of forum like www.nairaland.com , just login in, always be active and contribute to the forum, look for post that is enquire in nature, that is question like and always go to the ones with greater views and replies. That number of views is the number of people having the same problem and need solution. So all you have to do is simply head over and start your research for the solution of the problem.

Set a launch date for your product and make it public.
When you have find a solution to the problem, go back to that particular post and make a comment, asking or suggesting that you have seen a solution to the problem, this will call to the attentions to know the solution, this is when you will now say that the product will be launch at a particular date. That you will keep them alert on the latest development. Or create a post asking question of this kind “who wants to know the solution of ………………………” or “Get answer to your……..” on the post give them, the launch date of the product which by committing to a date, you are entering into a contract with yourself to deliver the goods. And once you have the launch date, create the mini-deadlines that you.ll have to maintain along the way. This timetable will serve as your roadmap and the deadlines will minimize the .tinkering factor. (spending 50% of your time perfecting 5% of the product).

Take action everyday
Generating and maintaining momentum is critical to bringing a product to market, but you may be challenged because you already some other works to do and matters to attend to. Even if it‟s just for 30 minutes, do something every day that will move your product development forward. This will also be corresponding with the launch date you have already made public.

Now that you have gotten the information, the next thing is for you to actually create a report out of it. Simply sit down and put the information you have gotten into writing and arrange it very well. After that, convert it into PDF and you are set to go. You should also give it a powerful title, which will correspond with problem, solution and the posts that prompted the research.

 A strong and reliable promotion campaign for your product
This section is one of the strategic part and should be taken serious, it is simply create an ad to reache the target audience. This you simply do by following this step
1. The size of your advert
2. The headline/title – this is the most important part of any advert. It should be written to command authority. And to attract attention….
3. The body/contains — this is main part of the message that will tell the reader what he is stand the chance of benefiting from the ebook/report
4. Action – this involve, telling the reader to take action which will inturn make you money, using terms like this „Grab your own copy by paying into our bank account ( you put in your bank details).
Another part is to deliver the ebook to the buyer: simply after the payment have been made to your bank account, they will send you text message which contains the payment details, mind you that you must have inform them in the Action stage of the advert to text to this particular number after payment with the payment information. So all you have to do is to confirm the payment and send ebook to the buyer via email…finish!!!

 With the above steps you are good to make money online, and one good thing with this system is if you get it right, the money will keep on coming.  Also feel free to check out our portal for other tips on how to make money online CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE MAKE MONEY ONLINE PORTAL

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