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Fiverr is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell or buy task for $5. So anyone can create a gig for small service on the site and visitors can accept gigs as well. Gig prices are fixed at $5. Buyers can order gigs and are required to pay for the gig in advance.
Tasks are divided into categories including funny and bizzare,social marketing graphics, writtings, technology,business,silly stuff and programming. Fiverr posts buyer feedback on people who perform tasks. Task performers will be given a positive feedback score, which can be seen by uses who are considering hiring then for gigs. One can also build a longlasting relationship with fiverr by buying and selling gigs and maintaining the standard (customer relations).


To make money on fiverr, i have four strategy that
when effectively and efficiently apply will build a stream of income on autopilot. They are:

1. MIMC:
This is means MY IDEA MY CASH. It involve iniating an idea, a task which you can do or offer at the marketplace (fiverr). It is called gig. This MIMC involve asking yourself this questions: How can i be unique?, what is the most available market?, How can i get people to order for my gig?, how and what will i do to satisfy them effectively?. When you answer the follow questions then you are good to go. E.g of the gigs you can offer: I will open a facebook account, I will design a book cover, i will send 1000 traffic to your website for one week, i will convert your document to pdf.

Cpa simply means cost per action. It involve signing up with any cpa network, pick up an offer and start promoting it. You make money when people just fill a form from link. So now how can you make money with cpa using fiverr. After you chose an offer from your cpa network to promote, move over to fiverr search for gigs about traffic using traffic as a keyword, you can find something like this: ” I will promote ur website to
10,000 of my suscribers” now what you will do now is to order for the gig, instead of giving the gig owner a website link, you give him ur cpa link. Now assuming that your cpa offer pays you $3 per sign up and just 1000 out of the 10,000 sign up you will get $3000 just like that. And you can order gig from more than one person to boost your earnings.

Traffic is the key for any blogger or website owner to succed. All you have to do is to use the strategy i mentioned above but this time you will give the gig owner your website/blog domain name. Assuming you are selling a product or you monetize your blog with adsense and you recieve up to 5000-10000 visitor everyday, what do u think will happen to your adsense earning.

FAC simply mean facebook, adsense and cpa. It involve integrating the three and supporting it with fiverr. How does this work? It starts like this: first create a facebook group and fanpage. Secondly move over to fiverr and search for facebook gig using facebook as a keyword, their you can find something like this: “i will invite 5000 friends mine to your group/fanpage” or i will suggest your page to my 10,000 loyal fanpage member”. Thirdly after your group/fanpage is now endowned with member you can now start to promote your cpa and website to them. Or simply use this strategy, assuming you are promoting a cpa offer about ipad/laptop, you can go ahead to your group/fanpage description and explain the reason/purpose for of the group/fanpage, at the end of the note put something like this..”Dont forget to collect your gift by clicking the link and filling the form” then drop your cpa affiliate link. You can apply this to boost your adsense earning by droping your website/blog link. This can also use to build list if you efficiently and effectively applying of the above strategy.

Send me mail at donpaul4awooko@gmail.com for more detail.

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